Santa Cruz Coastal Intimate Wedding

December 14, 2021

Santa Cruz County’s coastline is some of the most understated pieces of land. On Awaswas Ohlone Tribe Territory, its sandy beige cliffs cut into the cold blue waters of the Pacific providing an epic backdrop. Fun Fact: this Davenport / Coastal Diaries region was federally recognized by the Obama Administration and will officially be a part of the California Coastal Monument by 2022!

When C & R called me, they shared how they wanted an intimate celebration with some of their closest loved ones, in a backdrop that was very meaningful to them. They planned on having a makeshift picnic with empanadas and ice cream, a sitting ceremony in front of the crashing waves, and ending the night with a bonfire and music circle under the stars. This celebration was everything they had intentions for and more: something that was meaningful, incorporated with nature, and had plenty of shared meaningful moments with their loved ones.

One of my favorite moments of the day was the alternative to throwing flower petals by the guests (it’s important to never litter on the beach, even organic material that’s not from the same ecosystem!), C & N forged dried dead leaves & flowers from the very same beach for their guests to toss after their “I Do!”’s, creating an awesome no-impact element to their ceremony. Make sure to practice leaving no trace and leave the space you explore better than you found it!