Northern California Sierra Wedding

December 14, 2021

All of my pandemic couples who have lived through planning a 2020 wedding, had a difficult time. Throw in California’s extreme wildfires and endless backup plans, and any celebration accomplished was one of the plenty of trials, tribulations, and knowing the power of a good pivot. Annalisa and Nick have been beyond warm and welcoming from the start, and they embraced the unexpected change of plans when their wedding venue burned down from the Dixie Fire before their celebration.

A&N’s wedding was the perfect example of the importance of hiring a photographer who knows the area and its elements well. We were able to fly by the seat of our pants and plan an entirely new wedding within 48 hours (couples, when I say you have plenty of time to plan a celebration, this is what I mean!).

Working together, we were able to move their ceremony to Tenaya Lodge just outside of Yosemite National Park, on Me-Wuk Territory. This rustic lodge, with historical Native American and Southwestern patterns and art, is set among the Sierra National Forest and just two miles outside of Yosemite’s South Gate entrance. Think of a fancy log cabin vibe with all the amenities of a large hotel.

The next day started with a sunrise shoot at Glacier Point, which never ceases to amaze me. The slightly smoky air couldn’t take anything away from the breathtaking view at Glacier Point as the Sun rose and basked us in a golden honey light with Half Dome standing as proud as ever. One thing I love about Yosemite and Glacier Point, in general, is that it awakens all the senses and quiets the mind, leaving my couples super present with one another.

After a mid-afternoon nap, we took a hike to Taft Point, a hallmark location of Yosemite Valley, which took us along forests, through fern meadows, across deep fissures, and ultimately to Taft Point’s incredible overlook towering 2,500 feet above the valley floor.

We stayed until the sunset, giving off a brilliant red hue that is the beautiful and yet distressing hallmark of wildfire season, and hiked back by the light of our headlamps. A&N’s story is one of triumph and their intimate ceremony was all the proof that was needed.

One last thing…It is important to prepare when navigating the outdoors. Always be sure when adventuring new places you pack the 10 essentials with you and know the area and how much light you will have and what to expect if the situations change. No one goes on adventure expecting to get lost, sustain an injury, etc but it happens often. Mother Nature, as beautiful as it is, can be unforgiving if you aren’t prepared for the elements.. And always, leave nature better than you found it!


Lovely! What a beautiful place for a wedding 😍

You capture Yosemite and weddings so dang well. Keep up the inspo for the rest of us!

These are so beautiful!

These are incredible! So touching, perfecting lighting, and the couple just look glamorous!

These are absolutely magical!